You Cannot Be a Model If…

…You Don’t Meet the Requirements: No matter how many of us wish all shapes, sizes, and heights could appear on the runway, the industry is pretty firm about what it wants–agencies included. Until those requirements change, you cannot be 5’1″ and strutting down a catwalk in New York Fashion Week. Only submit yourself for the type of modeling that you meet the criteria for. There are exceptions to the rule but for now, it is the majority that rule.

You Are Not a Morning Person: If the thought of getting up before the sun makes you ill, then modeling won’t be a good fit. When I say early, I mean it. There have been shoots I’ve done where I had to BE on location at 7 am. Not only do you have to be awake, but you also have to perform at the top of your game. If early mornings don’t work for you, then neither will be maintaining a serious modeling career.

You Don’t Play Well with Others: From agencies to photographers, makeup artists and other models you must be able to get along with people from all walks of life. Never met them before? By the end of the shoot, it will be as if you’ve known them your whole life. No one says you have to like the people you work with but being a snooty booty won’t get you much work in the industry. There are enough divas out there–we don’t need anymore!

You’re Used to Calling the Shots: Modeling is not about “you.” You are a commodity that must be able to go with the flow. If you are picky about how your hair, makeup, and wardrobe is, do NOT pursue modeling. Even if you look like a train wreck, you’ve got to flaunt your look as if it was something you’d rock on a daily basis. There is no “I” in “Team” and the last time I checked, it isn’t in the word “Model” either.

…You Can’t Be on Time: Unfortunately, there are many models that do not follow this rule but I cannot stress enough the importance of learning how to be on time for all things related to modeling–this includes go-sees, castings, interviews, shoots, fashion shows, etc. Don’t fall into this bad habit, even if other models are doing it and getting away with it. For every model that is late to a gig, there are many more that will arrive on time and be what the client needs.

…You Don’t Know What You’re Doing: We all have to start somewhere but eventually, you should come to know exactly what to do once you step in front of the camera or onto the runway. Being aloof, awkward and unsure of yourself will only hinder your performance and hide any potential talent you have for the profession. You can have the perfect look for modeling but if you don’t know what to do with your face and body, no one will want to dedicate the time to work with you.

…You Are Shy: “Shy” and “Model” do not belong in the same sentence. Need I say more?


By Dania Denise

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