Why Your check book Can’t Secure Success in Modelling

It still baffles me how people are so ready to whip out their checkbooks and credit/debit cards when it comes to getting started in the modeling industry. Hopefully, this post will shed some light on why I, and many others that practice common sense, emphasize the importance of approaching modeling in the most cost-effective way possible.

Getting into the modeling field is different from any other type of occupation so you’ll be dealing with an entirely different set of rules. Some people think that the more money they spend, the higher their chances are of becoming successful as a model. But it’s simply not true. Here are the top reasons why:

1. Dealing with agencies is FREE! That’s right, attending open casting calls, emailing or snail mailing your pictures and information and getting scouted are all free of charge to you. Not only do these methods of getting in front of an agency to keep money in your wallet, it gives you a direct connection to the agency itself. No middleman needed–and speaking of middlemen…

2. The middlemen that charge you money can’t guarantee you results. Modeling conventions, modeling schools and other organizations like them can offer all the tips, training and classes they want but in the end, nowhere in the paperwork does it say that you WILL get signed to an agency and lead a prosperous career, despite the success stories they rely on to sell their services. Even legit modeling agencies state that they cannot promise amazing success to models signed to their roster so why hand over hundreds to thousands of dollars to a “middleman” that is only interested in your wallet instead of telling you the truth as to whether or not you really have a shot in the industry? At least an agency will tell you the truth and won’t hand you a bill afterward.

3. Agencies are not to be bribed. Sure, you may see people getting bought off in the movies all the time for favors, positions of power and so on. But this is not how things work in the modeling world. It takes the right look, talent, and marketability to create a successful model–there is no monetary amount that compares.

4. The amount of money spent does not equal a top model. It is totally possible to get a modeling career off the ground without spending a fortune. A person can spend tons of money on a professional portfolio with pro images and have a slew of modeling classes under his/her belt but in reality, that person has the same chance as a newbie who has never been in front of a camera before. You know what the major factor is that will determine which of the two will get signed? Talent. Plain and simple. Either you’ve got it or you don’t. And money simply can’t replace true talent and potential. Period. So before reaching into your wallet or taking out your checkbook, make sure you’ve pursued all of the most cost-effective routes and are only spending your hard earned dollars on parts of the industry that are absolutely necessary.

Posted by Dania Denise

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