Undies, Bras & Heels…Oh, My!

(This post is mainly for female models that are doing fashion shows. Fellas, to be honest, I’m not a male model and I really don’t pay attention to wardrobe when it comes to the guys because 9 times out of 10 the shows I do are only using female models. So I apologize if I leave you out of this post for the simple fact that I don’t want to put out any info that may not be accurate. However, I will say that male models planning on being in a fashion show should direct any and all questions/concerns to the “contact person” associated with the event.)

Despite my shorter stature, I’ve been very fortunate over the past few months to work with local designers that have no problem letting me showcase their stuff on runways. As I’ve completed each show, there are certain things that I do notice that I figure would make for a good blog post. This particular entry is all about the things that female models should make sure to have for every fashion show.

Now I will say that not all shows are exactly the same. That being said, if your contact person for the fashion show gives you specific information about what to bring on the day of the show PLEASE FOLLOW THEIR DIRECTIONS and disregard what I’ll be talking about here. If you are in an upcoming show and aren’t sure what clothing/undergarments you should bring with you, then your first priority should be to find out who you need to contact in order to find out that information.

I think what many new models may fail to realize is that when it comes to the fitting/rehearsal for the show, this is the closest you’ll come to the real deal before showtime. Whether the fitting/rehearsal is scheduled before the fashion show or if it is held on the day of the actual show, bringing the following items just in case will help make your job and the designer(s) much easier.

Ladies, whenever you attend a fitting/rehearsal for a fashion show, it is a good idea to bring the following in a small, easy to carry bag:

1. Black bra
2. Nude bra
3. White bra (optional)
4. Nude strapless bra
5. Nude black bra
6. Black thong underwear
7. Nude thong underwear
8. White thong underwear (optional)
9. Nude high heels (4 inches minimum)
10. Black high heels (4 inches minimum)

From my experiences, I’ve rarely ever had to wear a white bra, white underwear or white high heels since the color tends to be distracting as well as stands out against most clothing materials, which is why I listed them as optional and didn’t even put white high heels on the list. If the show you’re going to do will have shoes for you, then obviously you won’t have to worry about bringing your own…BUT it’s good to do so anyway because you never know what to expect. I always have a pair of my nude high heels in the trunk of my car and I’ve been in situations where the shoes provided didn’t fit or ended up not working with the outfits chosen. Luckily, by having my heels available, it remedied the problem–plus, nude is a neutral color so it doesn’t take away from the outfit.

During fittings, it isn’t uncommon for the designers to change or switch outfits on models so it helps to bring a variety of different undergarments in different colors, which will allow the designers to see exactly how the outfit will look prior to the show. The goal is to get each of your outfits as close to the final result as possible. Why? First, it gives you the chance to know exactly what undergarments and heels to bring the day of the show. This cuts down on any guessing games and last-minute decisions that need to be finalized on the day of the show. Second, it gives the designer(s) less of a headache. Small or large, any fashion show involves tons of time and planning. Being over prepared instead of under/unprepared is a sign of professionalism and also makes your job much easier when it comes to quick changes. Having everything approved ahead of time means you’ll know what to wear and when to wear it, which helps to make the show run much smoother–at least for you!

So remember, unless told otherwise, having the undergarments and heels mentioned above handy during fittings and rehearsals can make all the difference in any fashion show you’re a part of. Always pay attention to the details–even if others don’t!


By Dania Denise

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