Trade show/Promotional Modeling

Interested in tradeshow/promotional modeling? Okay, let me fill you in since I have some background in doing this type of modeling. (This kind of work normally is only for those who are 18-25+ years old)

A tradeshow is a convention where advertising companies and other related businesses come together to compare products, share ideas, network and introduce their services to the general public. Each company has its own booth, where they do everything from presentations, sign up customers for their services, to handing out samples. A popular method is using models to represent a company.

This type of modeling usually requires girls and guys who are very outgoing, have no problem talking to strangers, can learn the product and company info fast so they can educate customers about it, and who are very attractive. Pay rates for these jobs vary between $10-25/hour and higher or agreeing on a flat rate for the number of days you work the event. Most tradeshows last all day so expect to be on your feet, constantly interacting with the public and repeating the same information over and over. You get a lunch break and may have your meals paid for, depending on what terms you agree to.

Promotional modeling is somewhat along the same lines as tradeshow modeling but you may be representing a company at its own event, pushing a new brand at various venues, etc. For example, promotional companies are always looking to hire good looking guys and girls to promote new brands of alcohol. These models are sent to various nightclubs in designated cities and required to mingle with the clubgoers while handing out samples of the product and educating them about the product and/or company. Most promotional modeling requires you to be at least 18, but for anything dealing with alcohol, cigarettes or other adult related products, you must be 21 to be in that environment.

These types of jobs usually give you some kind of uniform to wear, which you either provide yourself (example: black shirt and khaki pants) or they’ll provide one for you.

Tradeshow and promotional modeling give models great opportunities for exposure and to mingle with the public. Sometimes you even get free merchandise, which is always cool!


By Dania Denise

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